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Workshop on Networks and Collaboration in Local Government

The Workshop on Networks and Collaboration in Local Government at the University of Kansas will
bring together thirteen leading scholars studying interjurisdictional collaboration, networks, and cooperation, particularly in metropolitan areas. The objectives of the Workshop are to:
• bring together local government scholars actively working on these topics;
• have each scholar describe his or her research program;
• provide a setting in which these scholars can engage one-another on research and theoretical perspectives;
• ask the group of scholars to identify common research patterns and themes, identify opportunities for further research and possible collaboration, identify gaps in research and theory; and
• ask the group to consider the future of research on networks, collaboration and cooperation in local government and opportunities for research collaboration.

George Fredrickson


Jered Carr


Richard Feiock


Program in Local Governance


Interlocal Working Group


University of Kansas, Public Administration